Formwork for 40 m post-tensioned

10 000 kN HSRW girders.

Inner articulated mould on spine beam and outer de-moulding shell

Chikhodra, Gujarat casting site – INDIA

ALPI Formwork for casting and post-tension

The inner mould (core) relies onto a central spine beam and hydraulically packs after girder curing and post tensioning.
The rolled spine beam allows for mould drive out by a rack and sprocket drive.
Outer mould rotates outward about ground hinged supports.
All articulation movements are by hydraulic jacks.

EDIlab designed:

  • drive systems for full operational
  • structural analysis and capacity proofs of steelworks, articulations mechanics and drives
Formwork articulations

Formwork mould and de-mould

FE model of inner and outer mould

FEA model of inner and outer mould

outer mould displacements contour

FEA displacements contour

inner mould displacements contour
Internal formwork

Internal formwork on spine beam and drives

Internal formwork
Reinforcements and strands conduits

End of rebar assembly and installation of post-tensioning strands conduits.

Inside view with rolling supports

Inner rollers